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Welcome to S4DB!
Buffele 28/01/17, 20:45
What is S4DB? S4DB is a database formed on S4League's players, here you can look up information but not only, you may communicate with other players, plan Clan Wars, decide which room to join & experience plenty different trappings. S4DB is not only a database, it's a social place for all of the S4League's players. The original version has been up for almost 5 years now ( - containing the EU's S4League information, and now it has a following version coming right from behind, S4DB Latino!
I hope we can grow it as much as Europe's version, because this is why the expansion has been released, because of such a Community!
Looking forward to getting feedback from each and every person, because every single of you matter to us.
We wish you a great staying on S4DB, have fun!

Here you have linked our Support System in case of any harm you get to experience: Let's keep bullies & negative people away, we want you to enjoy your staying & not be disappointed.
Welcome to S4DB! - Latino S4DB